About Me

I really don’t like about me sections. I don’t even like it when people ask me what I like to do for fun, or even ask me about myself. Why? Mainly because what I like doing for fun isn’t what most people consider fun. Or maybe it’s because I think they are just asking purely for conversational purposes. I mean, come on, do you really care, or are you just waiting for me to ask you all about your “exciting” life? Well, since you actually clicked the “About me” section, I conclude, therefore, that you must care, so I will indulge (and there is no way for me to ask about you, so you’re screwed *insert evil laugh here*). My name is Natalie Bahadori Ricker and I rock. I really do. Not because I go out and party all night, drink myself to stupors, make millions of dollars, participate in any extreme sports or travel around the world…(are you beginning to see why I don’t like talking about myself?). I rock in my own weird way. I am introverted. I consider an evening at home by myself, either watching a movie, reading, or writing a rather delightful evening. I would rather write than talk (hence my blog), since when I speak I sound retarded. I love spending time with my amazing friends and family, watching great movies, collecting items for my Batman animated series collection, writing the next Twilight series (only much better I promise, no shirtless men, glitter, weak female leads, biting lips, etc. ) I married the love of my life a couple years ago (you will probably get to know him well) and graduated from Biola with an English/Writing degree. My dream is to one day write a fiction novel, then have it either become a television show or movie. If it ever becomes a reality, I may just die from happiness. During the day, I work for a website company doing online marketing, by night, I am….I am…..see, this is why I hate this crap.

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