Rescuing my Family in a Grocery Store…and from ROUS’s

me_grocery2This dream begins with me at a grocery store. I am walking around, shopping, and minding my own business when I get a phone call. As I pick up the phone, I realize it’s my cousin Justin. In a menacing voice, he says, “Get me some paper towels and some fruit, and I will tell you where your family is.” So, naturally of course I freak out and run to some stranger and tell them the situation. In a calm voice she tells me, “Hey, it’s your cousin right? See if you can reason with him.” Then I am like, “Oh yeah, I could do that.” But now, of course, my phone is nowhere to be found. I begin frantically running around the grocery store, paper towels in hand, trying to find my family. As I begin to lose all hope I collapse on the floor, all defeated, when out of nowhere, my cousin Tatiana (who looks like she is 14 years old) comes and helps me up. In a reassuring and sweet voice, she says, “Hey Nati, let’s check up here” and points to the ceiling. I look up and find a vent that is slightly open. I look back down and Tatiana has disappeared. I climb up there and find myself in what looks like an underground basement/sewer. There are some fire pits here and there and blankets on the ground.  I start walking though this underground hobo place, when all of a sudden these really creepy creatures start running throughout the whole place, trying to eat my feet. These creatures look like a cross between the Wizard of Oz monkeys and the animals (ROUS’s) from the Princess Bride. So there is a good five minutes of me jumping over these creatures (sometimes I am in midair for a good 5 seconds). Finally these huge rat/possums finally start going away, and instead I hear a dog barking. The creatures have now turned into my favorite family dog Pia. Pia leads me to my aunts, who are huddled around one of the fire pits. I go up to them and say, “Hey, what’s going on guys?” They told me that one of my aunts, my Tia Digna, was going to have major surgery. Apparently, the basement/sewer was the place where we needed to discuss this.

rousNext dream sequence:

My little cousin Victoria is at my Tia Elman’s house, asking to watch a a show called “Sins” with my sister Francheska. Cheska comes out of one of the bedrooms, looking all tired, and says “Victoria, it’s too early. It’s only 1 (in the afternoon)…maybe later..” She goes back into her bedroom and shuts the door. So Victoria looks at me all sad cause she can’t watch her favorite show “Sins” with Francheska.

Last dream:

I am at a farm/ranch with Sandra Bullock. She looks scared and I am trying to help her escape from a bad guy (who we know is my cousin Justin). We go from room to room then eventually walk out the front driveway, where we run into my cousin Pete (who apparently has been the real bad guy this whole time). He has a big smile on his face and tells us that Twitter is very impressed with all of his sport tweets, and now some sport team is going to hire him just for his tweet skills. After he told us this, Sandra and I were very excited for him.

Dream I had a while ago that I have to share with you:

In this dream I am dressed like a prostitute. I’m wearing a tiny short black skirt and black top. Apparently I am being sold in the sex slave business. Some guy is walking with me on these docks and makes a bargain with Xander. In order to transfer me to wherever we need to go, we have to go river rafting, which apparently turns out to be THE FUNNEST THING IN MY LIFE. Seriously, in my dream, I am wearing my hoochie mamma outfit, but I have the biggest smile on my face cause the rafting is so fun.

(….you can’t make this sh^*$ up)




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