Three things we can learn from Neo’s Jump

Yes, I know the Matrix came out like 10+  years ago, but for some reason my brain remembered that scene in the movie where Morpheus is teaching Neo how to “free his mind” and if he can accomplish this, he should be able to jump/fly 500 feet to the next building. This jump, in my opinion, is the perfect allegory for life. Here are the 3 things we can learn:

1) You have to take that first leap. That other building is your goal. Your hopes and dreams. You can stay on the current building that you’re on and not go anywhere. That’s your choice. It’s safe. It’s comfortable, and life is A-Ok. But you know that if you can somehow jump and make it to the other building, your life would be what it was supposed to be and you would feel the way you were meant to, alive. No parents are there to push you off the nest this time. This is your decision. You have to be willing to take the plunge.

Matrix Neo's Jump

2) “Free your mind.” If you think about it, what’s really holding you back from following your dreams? Sure, you can spend a couple minutes or hours blaming it on others, or situations, or events, but when it boils down, you are the only one who is really in control of your future. You could even be waiting around for God to put everything nicely in place for you, without you ever having to work for it. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not going to happen. We are in control of more than we think. One of the most powerful tools to our success is something we have the most control over – our mind. We either have negative thoughts in our head telling us that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, rich enough, whatever, or we could “free” ourselves from this. Get rid of this negativity that’s holding you back. Instead, tell yourself that you will accomplish this. Really try to believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can do this. Your brain will begin to believe you, and you’ll be surprised at what can happen.
3) Don’t look down. I love how Neo just tells himself to free his mind a couple times and then takes the jump. I can picture what he’s thinking, “Oh wow, this is awesome. I’m totally flying through the air right now. I make leaping look GOOD. Wait a minute, I’m flying through the air. That building is way too far. What the hell was I thinking? I’m not as advanced as Morpheus, how can he expect me to land on this building? How far am I up really? Holy crap that’s a long way down. I can’t do this! Ahhhhhhh!” *Falls*. I think that happens to a lot of us. We have a goal in mind, we are confident enough to take the first leap, tell ourselves that “Sure, we can do this” without fully believing that we can, and then halfway through our journey we begin to realize how scary this really is. We lose sight of why we jumped in the first place, get scared realizing that we could fail, and fall.

So what can we learn from Neo’s jump? First, set a goal. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is going to affect your future. Ask yourself if you felt alive today. Once you realize your goals, you have to be willing to take that jump. Mom and Dad did the best they could, and now it’s up to you. You can’t stay on the building, remain stagnant, and blame them for your immobility. You have to realize that God gave you freedom to choose. You have control. Yes, the leap will be extremely scary and you have to begin a journey of believing in yourself. Freeing your mind is not an overnight process. It’s lifelong. Let’s try to filter out the negativity, the fears and all the excuses that hold us back or make us look down. Instead, we should keep our head up the whole time and never lose sight of that goal or why we jumped in the first place. It will be worth it.


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