Sexiest Male Singers of all Time… Ok Maybe just my Time

Rick Astley


Rick Astley is never going to give up on me, so why should I give up on him? Even from the early age of seven, I knew that this voice was sexy. Probably didn’t really know what sexy meant, but whatever it was, it had to include Rick. Maybe this sexiness is even more amplified since it came from the whitest white boy you could imagine…who had red hair… and freckles. This deep, sensual voice came from this guy? Sure did. To this day, whenever his music comes on in a CVS pharmacy, I have to stop what I’m doing and sing along “And don’t you know I  would move heaven an earth to be TOGETHER FOREVER with you?!”


Chester and M Shinoda

Chester Bennington/ Mike Shinoda. If you don’t know, these guys are from the rock band Linkin Park. We’ll start with Chester first. Maybe I should explain what goes into my definition of sexy male singing voices. What I find attractive is uniqueness. If you are listening to the radio, and there is only one obvious name that comes to mind when hearing a song, that’s sexy. I don’t think there is anyone else who sounds like Chester. There is a rawness, scratchiness to his voice that only can belong to Chester, this skinny white guy filled with tattoos and plugs. Now pair up Chester with Mike Shinoda, and you have magic. Seriously, every time I hear M Shinoda, I’m like damn, that’s hot. He’s a rapper for both Linkin Park and the band Fort Minor. I don’t find many rappers voices sexy, but when I do, they sound like Mike Shinoda. Songs to listen to: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor and “When they come for me” by Linkin Park.


Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony. When you look at Marc Anthony, who is not very attractive, has the skinniest legs of all mankind and eyes too big for his face, you wonder how he got to be so famous, but when he opens his mouth, you’re like “ohhhh.” Not only is his voice deep, sultry and seductive, but that man has some range! Where does that big voice come from in such a small body?! I think this is what makes Marc even sexier. He has made it on his talent alone. And because of that voice, millions of women everywhere throw themselves at him, even including a woman as hot as JLO.  That tells you something about how powerful that voice is.  Song to listen to: “Y Hubo Alguien”.


AJ McLean

AJ McLean. Yes, this is AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys. I think by now you can tell that I grew up in the 90′s. AJ is definitely my favorite Backstreet Boy, and not because of how he looks or his bad boy persona, but purely on his voice alone. Every time his solo part would come up in a song, I would turn it up a little louder. His voice. Oh, his voice. How can I even begin to describe it to you? First of all, it’s one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. I don’t think I’ve heard any other male voice that comes close.  His voice is not only deep, but it’s smooth, with a little bit of an edge to it. Really, the best word to describe it is sexy. Dead sexy. Song to listen to: “Get another Boyfriend” and “Hey Mr. DJ (Keep playing that song)”.


Chris CornellChris Cornell. And the number one sexiest voice of all time goes to Chris Cornell. I’m keeping it old school, I know. It was tough choosing from him and AJ, since I love so much more of the BSB songs, but I had to give Chris the number one spot. I’ve only heard a handful of Chris’ songs (both from his Soundgarden days and his newer stuff) and I think I really fell in love with his voice when my sister introduced me to the song “Scream.” When I saw the video, I kept thinking, how had I not noticed how awesome and sexalicious his voice was? I knew him from Soundgarden before and never gave it much thought. But then I saw this video and I was in awe. Speechless. Enamored. Starstruck. This man, who is also very skinny (probably due to all those years of heroine) and not physically attractive, becomes insta-attractive when he opens his mouth to sing. I’m not the only one who noticed this either. Even Chester of Linkin Park, when he and Chris sang “Crawling” together at a concert, says of his guest, “He’s got the fucking most beautiful voice in Rock and Roll.” I have to agree with you Chester.  Song to listen to: Scream and Never Far Away.

And there you have my top sexiest male voices of all time. Who did I forget? Let me know who your top five are in the comments below!

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