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5 Best Movie Kisses of All Time

Happy National Kiss Day!

I have always been a fan of kisses, ever since I was a little girl. My first kiss was me chasing a boy named Danny around the playground, grabbing him and smacking one hard on his lips or cheek, I can’t remember (I was five). I think he ran away crying. As I continued to grow older and read all my cheesy Christian romance novels, my love for kissing grew stronger, because in Christian books, that’s the climax of the story. That’s the moment you read for. When you get to THE kiss, you were like YES THEY FINALLY KISSED. You know, come to think of it, I would prefer to see one great kiss filled with passion and emotion with an amazing story behind it rather than two people randomly having sex in a movie. There’s just something about a really good kiss. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite movie kiss scenes:

  1. Mask of Zorro – Antonio and Catherine
    I grew up watching Zorro, so I was pretty excited for the movie (starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones) to come out in theaters in 1998. I was not disappointed. Why I love this kiss: There is already some good ST being built by this time (sexual tension). You believe that these two characters are intrigued by each other and want to know each other, in the Biblical sense. They flirted, they danced, and now, they must sword fight. Naturally pieces of clothing come off. Zorro taunts her with small kisses here and there, and then comes the big finale. When he has beaten her in swordplay and she is pretty much exposed, he gives her a deep, passionate kiss. This is really the best scene in the movie:

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